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Innovating an outdated process

CharterSync delivers first of its kind technology to enable
freight forwarders and aircraft operators to achieve unrivalled efficiency and transparency in the supply chain.

Freight forwarders simply upload shipment details and delivery deadline 

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Create a request

Operators with suitable aircraft receive the request and confirm availability for each charter. 

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Identify aircraft

Freight forwarders receive live quotes on their personalised dashboard. 

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Receive quotes

Secure confirmation with one click 

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Guaranteed charter agreement 

No more time wasted 

Receive in-app notifications,

SMS or email 

Transparent pricing

No hidden fees 

Around the clock support

Our expert team are on hand whenever you need it. 

The technology powering CharterSync

CharterSync combines state of the art aircraft tracking technology with sophisticated aircraft performance algorithms to create a pioneering air cargo charter platform. The technology powering CharterSync provides unparalleled visibility to the Go-Now cargo charter market. This makes it the only tool in the world that can locate and calculate suitable aircraft for immediate Go-Now charters in a matter of minutes.  

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Reducing our environmental impact 

The technology behind CharterSync has the ability to reduce the carbon impact that aircraft can have on the environment. Our platform can: 

  1. Identify aircraft closer to the cargo, reducing the length of positioning flights

  2. Identify airports closer to the pickup point of the cargo, reducing emissions from any required trucking

  3. Select airports closer to the final destination, minimising the length of trucking required for the last leg of the cargo journey 

We are taking it a step further to actively encourage operator fuel saving initiatives such as single engine taxi, constant descent approaches, and the use of biofuels.  

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Real time aircraft tracking

The CharterSync platform uses advanced real time aircraft tracking technology. This keeps CharterSync up to date on aircraft location, ensuring the most suitable aircraft for each charter request is chosen.

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A fully integrated system

A fully integrated system connecting freight forwarder to aircraft operator. Electronic charter agreements, document upload and a charter dashboard provide critical information all in one place.

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Accurate results every time

Performance and operational limitations are calculated for every aircraft to ensure cargo compatibility. Positioning sectors are calculated together with the required flight routing. This level of accuracy ensures suitable cargo charter requests are sent every time for aircraft that can meet the charter timeframe and specification.

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Weather and mapping integrations

Weather and mapping integrations alert freight forwarders with critical updates that could cause disruption to their planned charter.

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